Get Setup

How to use these docs

This portion of the docs is dedicated to getting started with writing your first workflow. Particularly, by the end of the "Getting Started" section, you should have your environment set up, built a simple workfow using YAML, and seen it run.

"Getting Started" follows a specific structure, and should be done in order.

  1. Concepts gives you a 1,000 foot view of how this platform works. It explains the cogs of the machine (that you, the developer, should care about). It's quick, but important.

  2. Install the CLI shows you how to install and get started with the AppTree CLI which is the primary interface for interacting with the platform.

  3. Account set up is required before you can begin building workflows. It's as easy as running a command in your terminal.

  4. Creating and configuring a project. - A "project" is your entities personal environment. In general, a company or team only needs one project, in which many workflows can exist.

  5. Create a workflow - A workflow is a single task. It's the bread and butter of the whole platform.

After these 5 quick pages, there are dedicated, in-depth sections on writing steps, testing steps, composing them into a workflow, and testing the workflow. In general, the "Getting Started Guide" should take you from 0 to comfortable with this platform.